Vegas – day 1 (and a half!)

10 hour flights suck, no getting away from it, do not enjoy flying – so glad that’s over and done with.

Landed at about midday local time (7pm our time), and bundled over to the hotel, freshen up then out to be one of those annoying tourists!

$10 later and Rach has picked up the cast of Avengers $10 later and Rach has picked up the cast of Avengers

Couple of Beers in Hard Rock, and the first of many conversations on tipping etiquette (do you tip the barman each round or when you leave), and then down the strip as far as the Bellagio.

Bellagio Fountains Bellagio Fountains

As sun came down, and hunger kicked in (at this point we were in need of meal 4 of whatever day it was, ($42 for two burgers and chips, and an ice cream and beer float – hint, don’t!), so turned back towards the MGM and ended up in New York, New York.

Dropped about $20 in some machines to get the obligatory Vegas gambling out the way and spent most of the night watching the duelling pianos which was pretty damn awesome – closed off the night with a very nice, and ridiculously expensive Teeling single malt in the Whiskey Bar at the MGM – god this place is expensive

The strip at night The strip at night

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