It’s not that big #SecondMostObviousPhotoToTake

thrown out via Instagram…


A few from our trip out to Siena, full gallery over at…


A few from our trip around Florence and the Duomo, full gallery over at…

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When you have to defrost the poop bins you know it’s chilly out! ❄️

Second Generation Selfie

… Sometimes you just press the shutter at the right moment!


John and Amy’s Wedding

I Made This

… I know, am as shocked as you are, suspect her Mum’s DNA might be winning through


John and Amy’s Wedding

Dark Waters

Actually, not that dark really, but dark enough ….

Missing this View

Proud of this shot, near as damnit straight off the censor …

Living in a Box!

All kids really want for Christmas! ….




Simple things, he’s not so innocent now though ….


Cole, Hmm, Water