Street Photography

My Street Photography Collection

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An experiment in #blackandwhite #streetphotography with a #gopro – won’t win awards but pretty chuffed with the results regardless


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#blackandwhite #iphonephotography

What are they saying?

Beauty of the UK is people are free to say what they like, I just don’t understand them! 🤔

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Uh oh, the Flatearthers have found an audience in Teesside 😬

Street Photography

A collection of Street photography images I’ve shot over the years


A few from our trip out to Siena, full gallery over at…


A few from our trip around Florence and the Duomo, full gallery over at…

Second Generation Selfie

… Sometimes you just press the shutter at the right moment!


John and Amy’s Wedding

Warez on the Beach

Not sure what it was, the lack of contrast between sky and sand, the grain, the odd choice of a place to sell (there was no one here), or just because ….


Boa Vista

Some life shots on the street in Boa Vista town centre ….





Shot whilst on honeymoon, the full gallery can be seen on Flickr