So here she is, Leah Nicole Flisher

Leah Nicole Flisher was born at 5.25am on Sunday 13th December 2009, 8lb and 6oz and everyone doing fine. Thankfully a prerty much streamlined birth, out the house and back with bairn in about 8 hours!

Video – Cole & G on the Dodgems

Cole & Uncle G on the Dodgems at Flamingo Land

Video – Cole discovers water at Flamingo Land

Cole discovers the Splash Play zone at Flamingo Land, it was never going to end dry!

Video – Cole bouncing on a Giant Pillow

Cole bouncing on a Giant PIllow at ‘Down At the Farm’

Video – Cole Dancing in a Bar

Cole entertains himself with a little boogying in Coconut Joes Cocktail Bar, Kalamaki, in Zante

Video – Cole spins till he’s dizzy

Cole spinning himself round on a playground toy in Kalamaki (Zante, Amaryllis Hotel) until such point as he falls over, three times!

Day 2

IMG_0010 by you.


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Happy Birthday Cole!

Cole Flisher was born at 12.33 on December 18th 2006 to Andy and Rachel, weighing in at 8lb 10oz.
At 41 weeks and 5 days, and a labour to ‘savour’, it’s fair to say he didn’t want to come out, but he did, and here he is


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