Black and White

My Black and White Photography Collection

Black and White photography

Was feeling creative on my lunch break #blackandwhite #iphonephotography

thrown out via Instagram…

I Made This

… I know, am as shocked as you are, suspect her Mum’s DNA might be winning through


John and Amy’s Wedding

Dark Waters

Actually, not that dark really, but dark enough ….

Living in a Box!

All kids really want for Christmas! ….




Simple things, he’s not so innocent now though ….


Cole, Hmm, Water

Leah’s Breakfast

What counts as breakfast when Mum’s away! ….


Leah’s Breakfast


Dust, mmm, nice



Rediscovering Black and White

Rediscovering photography, especially without colour, starting off with these two!


Rediscovering Black and White

Rediscovering Black and White

Warez on the Beach

Not sure what it was, the lack of contrast between sky and sand, the grain, the odd choice of a place to sell (there was no one here), or just because ….