Mac Appstore exit code: 173 issues

I just love an IT issue where I’m almost the only one that has it, means no fix, and a small group of people tearing hair out (thankfully I have none). Well my issue c/o the new shiny Mac App Store is purchased apps dieing with nothing more than an ‘exit code: 173’ logged, which seems to be part of the DRM / copy protection process. Shame is they’re legitimate purchases!

Anyway, if you are seeing issues where your purchases from the Mac App Store seem to silently fail to run even though they installed quite happily, then have a look in the Console Log, you may see a line similar to; (your-broken-app-name): Exited with exit code: 173

… in which case, congratulations, same boat as me 🙁 More specifically my case is all free apps work fine, put any purchased apps will only install on my Macbook Pro, all (well 3 to date) paid for apps fail with the same error on the office iMac.

There’s a thread titled All app store apps exit on startup with code 173 over on the Apple Forums, which hopefully will end up with a solution, and if nothing else I offer this thread as a means of bumping the link up google

Been through pretty much every known Mac troubleshooting step, including safe mode and a re-install, no joy. The only resolution was a full wipe and clean install, worked as expected. So no nearer a proper resolution 🙁

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