All true, except the bit about us being terrible at our jobs, well, most are, I’m not, I’m awesome 💪😁🤥

Good starting point for Azure App Service newbies

Is this just greed by Epic Games? Struggle to believe that Google wouldn’t do a deal on the cut? Failing to see the benefit to the consumer in this move 😕

Finally started migrating away from @asana – all because they still don’t do proper reminders, was having to run two todo list apps, Asana was superior in most things but without reminders the todos don’t get todone ☹️

Possibly my favourite IT error ever, up there with the cup holder myth #fb

Top Gun (1986) #MovieNight

iTunes know’s I’ve bought Lost Boys (I go through the purchase process and it tells me I already own it) so why does it not appear in the ‘Purchased’ tab on any of my devices, inc Apple TV? And how do I fix?

My team of @DmpMinis U12s and some of my co-coaches are doing the Middlesbrough 3k / 10k in aid of a brave young man at our club – can you help support us?

Apple is first public company worth $1 trillion – BBC News

Add in the GDPR / Cookie Dialogues for us in EU Land and yup, pretty much every mainstream website experience is now broken 🙁