All the Casinos

As true, dedicated culture vultures we decided that day 2 would involve a full tour of the strip and see all the casinos, being that the cruel mistress jet lag had kicked in and I was awake from 4am with just 6 hours sleep in the bag we had enough time – wrong.  Think we did manage all the main ones from CSI though, which is as cultured as we are in reality so that’ll do!

Start was our home for the week, the MGM Grande and their breakfast buffet – we didn’t go hungry! Out the door, turn right and up the strip, pop into the Crystal Shops before the Cosmopolitan.  Rachel found a dress she liked, just not $308 worth of like – phew!


This could get expensive!  This could get expensive!

Further down onto the main strip and out tour of the casinos starts in earnest, so I’ll let the picture do the talking;

Glass flowers at the Bellagio Glass flowers at the Bellagio

Caesars Palace Caesars Palace The Outside comes inside The Outside comes inside A hotty in red (well, orange!)  A hotty in red (well, orange!) The Venetian ceiling The Venetian ceiling

And then we ran out of time, too many damn casinos.  We did manage a spot of gambling though, the worst group roulette session ever!  Technically I won, but I had a wife’s losses to cover, so came out on par as a team effort!

Night time was set for a quiet one as we had 5am alarm calls the next morning, so we headed up to the Fremont Street Experience in old downtown Vegas

Where we jumped from the Slotzilla zoom zip line, google it, you’ll see why we had a light meal and not much to drink

See those wires at the top? Yup, we jumped from there!  See those wires at the top? Yup, we jumped from there!

Nice moment of calm before hand though, meal and a few craft beers over at the Container Town (everything is in an old shipping container), very chilled and great to sit out, apart from the giant flame throwing Mantis of course!

Noisy buggers these!  Noisy buggers these!

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