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So this one has gone and got bigger – happy birthday Leah 🎂

I Made This

… I know, am as shocked as you are, suspect her Mum’s DNA might be winning through


John and Amy’s Wedding

Living in a Box!

All kids really want for Christmas! ….




Not normal, definitely mine!

Leah liked the bunk beds in our ferry berth!

Rediscovering Black and White

Rediscovering photography, especially without colour, starting off with these two!


Rediscovering Black and White

Rediscovering Black and White

So here she is, Leah Nicole Flisher

Leah Nicole Flisher was born at 5.25am on Sunday 13th December 2009, 8lb and 6oz and everyone doing fine. Thankfully a prerty much streamlined birth, out the house and back with bairn in about 8 hours!