Askaris – IT Security, Software Engineering and Arcus

Askaris - Aka the Day Job

Askaris is an IT security and software engineering firm based out of the UK and Dubai. I Lead the software development team and act as product manager for Arcus, which is our suite of asset management and inspection products, primarily aimed at the oil and gas sector but rapidly expanding to all sectors - for more information see their website at


A suite of cloud and tablet based applications designed to operate in the unique geographies and technical constraints the oil and gas sector inherits.  Offers bespoke inspection frameworks, asset integrity, maintenance, and auditing solutions with a range of modules, including;

  • Arcus Drops (Dropped object prevention)
  • Arcus LGI (Lifting gear)
  • Arcus EX (Electrical)
  • Arcus HPP (High pressure piping)
  • Arcus Hose
  • Arcus BOP (Blowout preventer)