Don’t mess with your noggin

Today saw a perfect example why we don’t dick about with head injuries in rugby.

A fairly innocuous head to grass bounce, a little dazed, back on their feet “I’m fine go the calls from player, team mates and coaches” all full of ego (in the men’s game at least) and they crack on. Except today was a ladies game, the physio was straight on, accepted what I’d seen and player didn’t protest much and went off – the correct outcome.

20 minutes later, match now over, she got up from the subs bench to walk back to the clubhouse, 5 minutes after that she was unconscious on the pitch and fitting with an ambulance en route, a very serious, and scary incident – now just imagine if she’d played on and took another knock?

Kids, Ladies, Adults – doesn’t matter, if you suspect anything then get them off, go through the RTP, and watch for symptoms.

PS: This post is in the present tense but have delayed posting it until I’ve heard back from the team in question to be sure on the outcome, which am glad to announce was an overnight stay and she was back home by Monday 👍

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