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First appointment tomorrow, brushing up #homework

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No matter how long the lead, he’s always at the far end, pulling!

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And with that click OTC prep is done, can possibly relax for the weekend now – and pack! #fb

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Cole wants a BMX for Christmas, i’ve ordered him to watch BMX Bandits as training! https://t.co/JGZ3swtAl6 #fb

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Egg Hunt (I’m not allowed to play 😰🥚

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Kid’s not fighting!

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A few with the oiks at Whipsnade Zoo today

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Not for the first time, throwing a rugby ball round a zoo car park whilst we wait for it to open! 🏉 #fb

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Time for a road trip, 3 nights in Bedford – we’re going voluntarily too! 🚗🚧🚦😖 #fb

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Today has mostly been sponsored by the word “Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh” 😖 #fb

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