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Can’t beat an hour up the A1 and back to find an empty car park and that the game you volunteered to ref was cancelled 😞

Nigel Owens On What Referees Are Set To Clamp Down On For The Six Nations

Hmm, cracking down on things, like;

We will be stronger on crooked feeds at the scrum…

Pretty sure the rest of us in grass roots land do that every weekend, how about;

If someone charges into a ruck, leading with the shoulder and strikes the head it is pretty much always a red card…

Yup, that one’s in the laws of the game too.  The other points have merit, but just goes to prove there’s still a secret law book for the elite game that differs from the one I’m given!


Nigel Owens On What Referees Are Set To Clamp Down On For The Six Nations:

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Nothing quite like 6 hours of staring at a remote console log to really rot the brain 🤯

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Looking forward to today’s refereeing appointment, higher level than I normally get on a Saturday, and a few other unique pressures too! All good for the experience though 🏉

Gone nuts? >> Nutella ‘riots’ spread across French supermarkets

I know the kids love it, but face it it’s basically brown, flavoured vegetable oil, always thought the French had better culinary tastes than this, filing under WTF!



Nutella ‘riots’ spread across French supermarkets – BBC News:

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Bria 3 (SIP Client) appears to be working under High Sierra even though ancient, any great reason to upgrade, or a better alternative? #tia

Camels banned from Saudi beauty contest over Botox – BBC News

Every day the world get’s a little bit weirder, but I think this takes the biscuit!

Twelve prized camels have been disqualified from a beauty contest in Saudi Arabia after their owners tried to tweak their good looks with Botox.

Camels banned from Saudi beauty contest over Botox – BBC News:

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Trying to wean myself from the ‘more screens is better’ mentality to single one in the name of productivity. As a dev, constantly debugging it’s tough 🤯

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Spent the morning running around in shorts outside with the U11s, now when am home indoors am cold ?!? 🤔❄️

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This afternoon has mostly involved taking a PDF, and converting to HTML …. so I can create a PDF (don’t ask – unless you’re bored) 🤯