Indie app developer and

Second Generation Selfie

… Sometimes you just press the shutter at the right moment!


John and Amy’s Wedding

I Made This

… I know, am as shocked as you are, suspect her Mum’s DNA might be winning through


John and Amy’s Wedding

Dark Waters

Actually, not that dark really, but dark enough ….

Missing this View

Proud of this shot, near as damnit straight off the censor …

Living in a Box!

All kids really want for Christmas! ….




Simple things, he’s not so innocent now though ….


Cole, Hmm, Water


Not normal, definitely mine!

Leah liked the bunk beds in our ferry berth!

Houston with an iPhone

Houston, didn’t take enough snaps 🙁 Maybe next time …

Cracking weather for a whistle stop tour of Houston. All packed and ready at base camp now though, early start and the real work starts tomorrow #otc

Leah’s Breakfast

What counts as breakfast when Mum’s away! ….


Leah’s Breakfast


Dust, mmm, nice