‘Worst’ Server Monitor – A Mobile App for Website Uptime and Server Monitoring Services

A simple, fast, effective cross platform client for website monitoring services- not really the 'Worst'!

Here at Xyroh we’re implementing a range of mobile and desktop apps we refer to as our ‘Worst Apps’ brand (hint, it’s more a comment on form over function, the apps are pretty good, just the artwork is pretty (deliberately!) bad).  They’re based on the Unix premise of performing one function, performing it fast, and performing  it well.

A Mobile App for Website uptime and Server Monitoring Services

The ‘Worst’ Server Monitor is a client for a variety of Website Monitoring and Server Uptime services, currently available for iOS and  Android, it’s purpose is simple, a quick and fast way of accessing your monitored sites and servers and seeing their status.  Currently we support the following third party services;

  • Status Cake

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As with all of our ‘Worst’ Apps the future roadmap is defined by you, if you require support or feedback of have a suggestion then please use our ideas board, but current suggestions under consideration include

  • Detailed View of Server / Site
  • Offline caching
  • Other Monitoring Services
  • Alerting
  • Multi Account support
  • Other monitoring service / server support
  • Desktop versions (Mac, Windows)

App Details:

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A simple, fast, effective cross platform client for third party website monitoring and uptime services Download on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store